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Welcome to Songdalen

Songdalen municipality

Tel. +47 38 18 33 33

E-mail: postmottak@songdalen.kommune.no

Postal address: Postboks 53, 4685 Nodeland

Visiting: Songdalsvegen 53, NO-4645 Nodeland

Service centre

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 07.30-15.00 (7.30 am – 3 pm)

Our staff is here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to ask any question.

Public Services

Songdalen municipality offers a wide range of social and health care services, including nurseries, primary and lower secondary schools.

In the sub categories you will find more information about the services Songdalen offers.

The webpages we refer you to are in Norwegian. However, contact information for each nursery school is to be found just beneath the title. 

Municipal nursery schools

Birkelid barnehage

Bjørnungen barnehage

Eventyrheia barnehage

Finsland barnehage

Tunballen barnehage

Private nursery schools

Hortemo familiebarnehage

Slottsparken familiebarnehage

Application for nursery school

Songdalen have coordinated admission to our nursery schools.

You can apply throughout the whole year, but main admissions have to be sent before 1st of March each year.

Applications must be sent through "barnehageportalen" 

The staff in the nursery schools, at our sevice centre or libraries, will be happy to assist you if you need help. 

To apply you must have electronic ID.


There are six schools in Songdalen.

The webpages we refer you to are in Norwegian. However, contact information for each school is to be found just beneath the title. You will also find a map at the bottom of the pages.

Finsland skole is situated north in the muncipiality and covers both primary school and lower secondary school.

Rosseland skole is a primary school situated south in the muncipiality.

Tunballen skole is a primary school situated in Nodelandsheia.

Songdalen ungdomsskole is a lower secondary school. It is situated in the village center of Nodeland.

Birkelid læringssenter offers adult education and Norwegian language for foreigners.

Oasen skole is a private Christian school situated in Birkelid. The school covers both primary and lower secondary school. 

Clubs- and organizations

There are many clubs and organizations in Songdalen with a wide specter of interests to choose from. Our lag- og foreningsregister (list of clubs and organizations) will show you which activities that can be found in the community. 

Whats on?

Our calender "Hva skjer" shows whats on in Songdalen. 

School of arts

The school offers tuition in music, dance and other forms of art.

Kulturskolen offers more information, program and contact information.

The activities are mainly for school children and young adults, but adults can be admitted if there is room in the chosen program.

Songdalen municipality offers a wide range of social and health care services: 

Contact Songdalstunet for:

  • Long-term institutionalisation
  • Respite Care
  • Rehabilitation/Short Term Placement
  • Home Health Services
  • Physiotherapy Ergonomic Training

Tel.38 18 35 75

E-post: helseogomsorg@songdalen.kommune.no

Visiting: Songdalsvegen 60, 4645 Nodeland

Postal address: Songdalen kommune, Helse og omsorg, Postboks 84, 4685 Nodeland

Contact NAV Songdalen, Songdalsvegen 51, 4645 Nodeland

Additional information in English from NAV

Songdalen legesenter

Visisting: Songdalsvegen 53, 4645 Nodeland

Tel. 38 18 51 20

Out of office hours (legevakt): 116 117 or 38 18 51 40

Emergency: 113

Avfall Sør has recyclingguides in 12 languages. Have a look and see if your language is amongst them.

Here are the rules and guidelines for using your drone for play and leisure.

Droneguide for play and leisure


Songdalen is situated in the south of Norway, bordering to Kristiansand and Vennesla in the east, Marnardal in the west, and Søgne in the south. A suburb of Kristiansand, Songdalen's administrative centre Nodeland is a short 10-minute drive from the city centre.

The landscape of the municipality is heavily shaped by the last ice age.  Songdalselva (Sygna), a river flowing through the valley Stallemodalen in Vennesla, and falling into Songdalen through a gorge at Underåsen. Here it receives more water from the right from the Gumpedalselva tributary. The river drops no more than about 20-meters  over the last 20-kilometer  to the river mouth, and has on this stretch a very meandering run. It is recognized for fishing, canoeing and other recreation opportunities.

In the southern part Songdalen's altitude is close to sea level, but increases up to a maximum of 414 meters above sea level in the northern part. The climate changes correspondingly, from coastal in the southern part to a more inland type climate in the northern part.

Our vison

Our vision is “Songdalen for quality of life”

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